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5 Pack | Dark Chocolate | 85% Cocoa | Sugar Free


Enjoy Vgan Chocolates Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bar made with 85% cocoa. This delicious dark chocolate bar is completely organic and certified fair trade. This dark chocolate bar is very special because it’s a healthy alternative to eat or bake with. If you are looking for a fresh tasting dairy free dark chocolate bar to cook with or eat, you will love our Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar.


Cacao mass* (73%), sweetener (erythritol), cacao butter* (12%), sunflower lecithin*, bourbon vanilla*, Himalayan salt*. Chocolate part contains at least 85% cacao solids. *From organic agriculture.

May contain traces of almonds and cashews. Gluten Free. Plant base-vegan.

This delicious Dark Chocolate Bar is completely organic and certified fair trade. If you are looking for a fresh tasting healthy alternative to cook with or snack on, you will love our Dark Chocolate Bar


Sugar Free | Natural Organic | Vegan | Kosher | Gluten Free | Paleo | Non GMO | Fair Trade  | 2.4 oz Each