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5 Pack | Dark Chocolate With Hazelnut & Mulberry


This hazelnut and mulberry dark chocolate bar is one of our most popular 100% Certified Vegan Chocolate Bars. Is that a Nestle Crunch? No It’s Vgan Chocolates 47% cocoa milk chocolate bar with No Dairy, Gluten Free and a crunchy taste that’s hard to stop eating.


Raw cane sugar*, cacao mass* (32%), coconut milk powder*, cacao butter, hazelnuts* (9.6%), dried mulberries* (5%), sunflower lecithin*, bourbon vanilla*. Chocolate part contains at least 47% cacao solids. *From organic agriculture.

Contains nuts. Gluten Free. Plant base-vegan.

This dark chocolate treat is a perfect combination of sweet hazelnut and mulberry.


Organic | Vegan | Kosher |  Gluten Free | Paleo | Non GMO | Fair Trade | 2.4 oz Each