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6 Pack Variety Pack 6 x 2oz Bags



Perfectly balanced and packed full of flavor with two bags of each variety. 6 x 2oz Bags.

A Whole Water Lilly Seed!

We believe in Free Spirit Snacking, simply listening to your body and feeding your soul. Popped Water Lily Seeds, also known as Makhana have been consumed in India for thousands of years and come from a place of natural and spiritual goodness. We’ve reinvented this ancient puffed snack to fuel our unique selves with nothing but protein packed, plant-based love!


120 Calories | 3g Plant Protein | Amino Acids | Packed with Antioxidants | Corn Free | Grain Free | Gluten Free | 8 Allergen free* | Non-GMO | Vegan* | Kosher | Paleo *Cheddar contains milk.

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