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Aronia Berry Beverage Ginger Lime (12 Pack)


Tahitian lime, peppery ginger, and a little attitude.

Ingredients: Water, Single-Strength Aronia Juice, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Monk Fruit Extract.

All Tohi beverages are 70% hydration and 30% nutrition, derived from the single-strength juice of Aronia Berries. Tohi is formulated to help combat those nasty free radicals that are born from the environmental stresses of everyday life. Choose from four refreshing flavors to suit your mood.

The Aronia Berry has an amazing micronutrient profile and packs four times the antioxidant measure of blueberries and twice that of acai. Antioxidants are widely studied and are believed to improve heart, bone, immune and brain health by inhibiting the oxidation of free radicals to reduce inflammation.